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"The Secret to having a Highly Profitable Restaurant is Simply Having Your Staff Use the Right Words!"

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Twenty Five Years Of Experience In Making High Sales Revenues In Restaurants

Running one of Australia's 'most difficult to get to' restaurants meant that there was no walk by traffic and extremely quiet seasons at the Cottage Point Inn.  Mandy and Dan had to find ways to maximise the amount spent by the people who did arrive.

"The Secret to having a Highly Profitable Restaurant is
Simply Having Your Staff Use the Right Words!"

Selling at the Table is the step by step guide to how they were able to increase their guests spend by between 25% - 100%.  Cottage Point Inn became a live "restaurant sales research lab" where the team tested different words, phrases, gestures and props to see what caused sales to increase or decrease.  The result was stunning, the wait staff know what to say, when to say it and how.  This led to increased revenues and of course increased tips!  Selling at the table is your opportunity to cash in on this gold mine yourself... It could turn your worst performing wait person in to a sales superstar!

The Restaurant Marketing Expert In Australia.

Howard's company, Restaurant Profits has been the driving force behind many million dollar revenues for restaurateurs across Australia. Restaurant Profits work with celebrity chefs, multi-award winning restaurants, franchises, hotels, bars, cafes and function centres.  Howard began working with Mandy and Dan at Cottage Point Inn in 2009 when their restaurant had no awards and was facing tough times.  Today the restaurant features in Australia's top 100 restaurants, has multiple awards and has a thriving repeat business following.  He brings psychological insights and marketing expertise to Selling at the Table.

The Selling at the Table Video Program

Turn your worst performing wait person into a sales superstar!

  • Videos Explanation and Guides

    You’ll learn directly from the experts how to sell more drinks, food and extras whilst delighting your guests at the same time.

  • Live Sales Videos

    Watch as Mandy demonstrates exactly how she increases the guest’s spend with carefully constructed words and gestures.

  • Learn how to guide your team.

    Learn what to have in place so that your team can boost your profits.

  • Bonus Videos and Guides

    Bonus videos and a food sales language guide will give you an extra advantage over your competition.

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