About Us

Together, Mandy, Dan and Howard have decades of experience of sales and marketing in the restaurant industry.  Not only will you learn the secrets of increasing your guest's spend, they will unlock for you the the puzzle of how to get guests to come back and dine more often.

Selling at the table team

Selling at the Table is simply knowing what to say, when to say it and how.  This simple formula has increased revenues by up to 20% in two weeks just by following the first of the five step process!

Our Team

What makes Selling at the Table totally unique is that it is a process that has been developed and honed "live" in a restaurant over the past 25 years.  Not only did this increase the restaurant's revenue it transformed the culture of Cottage Point Inn to such a degree that it became one of the top awarded restaurants in the country.

  • Mandy Cameron

    Cottage Point Inn Co-owner and front of house service and sales expert.

  • Dan McKinnon

    Cottage Point Inn Co-owner, management, training and front of house expert.

  • Howard Tinker

    Hospitality sales & marketing psychology strategist.

We also want to mention the following people without who this project would not have seen the light of day...

  • Melissa and Scott Fox of Pearls on the Beach who allowed us to use their wonderful restaurant as our filming location.
  • Billy Pascoe our videographer
  • The Restaurant Profits team, in particular Diane Zaldivar for her work on our website and video.
  • All Cottage point inn staff past and present who accepted, challenged, offered, and listened then enjoyed the journey in return.
  • Dale and Lyn Witchard from Patonga Beach Oysters.

Our Mission

To show restaurateurs and managers in the hospitality industry how to increase their profits so that they can reap the rewards they truly deserve for committing so much to the industry.  We also aim to raise the standards of service provided by those who subscribe to Selling at the Table thereby enhancing the experience of guests dining in their establishments.

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