Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked about selling at the table.  If you have a particular question that is not covered here please contact us via the Contact Us page and we'll give you the answer right away.  Thanks.

Selling at the table team

Q. How soon can I expect a Return On Investment for the cost of the program?

A. You can get a ROI within two good shifts with effective implementation of steps one and two alone!

Q. Do I have to be a hatted or Michelin star establishment for this to work?

A. Quite the opposite, one of the reasons awarded restaurants achieve their awards is because they offer this type of service.  You might even become renowned for your service as a result of using the program.

Q. Do I require an investment in new technology to implement this program?

A. No not all, the only thing you will need to invest is a little time.

Q. Are there any other hidden costs?

A. No, that's one of the great features of the program once you know how to Sell at the Table it will become integrated into your restaurant's culture, there's nothing else to buy.

Q. Is this available as an in-house training program?

A. Yes we have trained several clients at their establishment including Hotel staff.  If you are interested in having a discussion about how that works please contact us via the Contact Us page.

Q. Will this program work if I have an unlicensed, Restaurant or Café?

A. Yes it will, we have clients who use Selling at the Table in unlicensed, regional café’s, not all steps will be relevant, however the majority can be adapted for most establishments.

Q. Will I have a high staff turnover in the dining room if I try to get the staff to sell?

A. As you will learn this is not high pressure selling, just offering better service by having your waitstaff say the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. You will find that you staff retention will improve.

Q. Will I have to employ more waitstaff to implement this program?

A. Initially no, unless you are very understaffed to begin with. Naturally as your revenue increases and you get busier you may need to hire more staff. This is a good problem to have and new staff will be following already implemented systems.

Q. Is there a guarantee I will get results?

A. Our clients have reported an increase in revenue of 20% after two weeks of implementing the first two steps. “It‘s not magic” but it is easy when you know how.  As with anything the implementation and therefore the results are up to you.

Q. Will this program work if I have a fast food outlet or franchise?

A. Probably this is not for you as you should already have your proven franchise systems.

Our Team

What makes Selling at the Table totally unique is that it is a process that has been developed and honed "live" in a restaurant over the past 25 years.  Not only did this increase the restaurant's revenue it transformed the culture of Cottage Point Inn to such a degree that it became one of the top awarded restaurants in the country.

  • Mandy Cameron

    Cottage Point Inn Co-owner and front of house service and sales expert.

  • Dan McKinnon

    Cottage Point Inn Co-owner, management, training and front of house expert.

  • Howard Tinker

    Hospitality sales & marketing psychology strategist.

Our Mission

To show restaurateurs and managers in the hospitality industry how to increase their profits so that they can reap the rewards they truly deserve for committing so much to the industry.  We also aim to raise the standards of service provided by those who subscribe to Selling at the Table thereby enhancing the experience of guests dining in their establishments.

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