In the short time our clients have been using Selling At The Table in their restaurants we have had some amazing feedback.  The speed and size of the results are very exciting.  We have also included a few testimonials for the book of the same name.

Selling at the table team

Miguel and Tamara Owners of Le Chat Noir, Terrigal NSW

Nicole - Front of House at Le Chat Noir, Terrigal NSW

Karl Schlothauer

"Within two weeks of learning the first two steps of selling at the table our team had added 20% in sales.  The staff report that it is so easy to sell now and we are looking forward to implementing it across our other five venues now".

Karl Schlothauer, House of Pocket
Robert Specogna

"After only taking an hour to learn the first two steps I decided to try out "the first sale" on two lunchtime regulars and it worked like a dream!  I made a very easy extra sale to these guys who had been coming here for years... how much money had I left on the table before?"

Robert Specogna, Centro CBD
Line Thye

"Even though we already had a very thorough order of service, we were able to increase the number of drinks sold and reduce the amount of free water served by using just the start of the program".

Line Thye, Windows On The Bay
Parissa Reeve-Parker

"The training has given me a fresh outlook on OUR restaurant. It has meant we can make a conscious decision about how we present ourselves and what we say before approaching the table.  This will definitely enhance the guests dining experience as well as giving us more ways to sell to new and returning guests".

Parissa Reeve-Parker, Restaurant Supervisor, Zebu Restaurant at Rydges Hotel
Johnny,  Head Chef

"This will make a HUGE difference, it will allow us to perform at our best and sell more.  Next I want to take it back of house so I can help my team to help the waitstaff as much as I can".

Johnny, Head Chef, The Cuban Place
John Fink

“After reading Howard's first book More Bums on Seats, we rejuvenated our marketing strategies at OTTO, Sydney.  We have never looked back. "Selling at the Table" takes a step further with valuable advice on how to maximize your restaurant's profitability.  If you have the "hospitality bug" and want to make a living at the same time, I recommend that you read this book!”

John Fink, OTTO, Quay, Bennelong, The Bridgeroom, Firedoor. (Four of The Australian’s Hottest 50 Restaurants in Australia and awarded 10 chef’s hats in 2015.)
Marilyn Annecchini

“This book is great - I love that it talks about practical scenarios which owners/managers/staff can easily relate to. It will become a valuable tool for restaurateurs - especially those who are willing to challenge the norm.”

Marilyn Annecchini, Pilu at Freshwater and Pilu at Akuna Bay.

Our Team

What makes Selling at the Table totally unique is that it is a process that has been developed and honed "live" in a restaurant over the past 25 years.  Not only did this increase the restaurant's revenue it transformed the culture of Cottage Point Inn to such a degree that it became one of the top awarded restaurants in the country.

  • Mandy Cameron

    Cottage Point Inn Co-owner and front of house service and sales expert.

  • Dan McKinnon

    Cottage Point Inn Co-owner, management, training and front of house expert.

  • Howard Tinker

    Hospitality sales & marketing psychology strategist.

Our Mission

To show restaurateurs and managers in the hospitality industry how to increase their profits so that they can reap the rewards they truly deserve for committing so much to the industry.  We also aim to raise the standards of service provided by those who subscribe to Selling at the Table thereby enhancing the experience of guests dining in their establishments.

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